Thursday, March 12, 2009, the Daily Resource for Entrepreneurs, has given Peoria it's highest rating in Illinois, substantially higher than our major competitors. We moved up from #67 to #21 on Inc. Magazine’s 2008 Best Cities to do Business for Midsize Cities, and ranked #83 in Overall Cities, up 125 spots from #208 last year.


Peoria jumped from #68 to #42 on the Milken Institute index of best cities in America. The Best-Performing Cities index measures U.S. metropolitan areas to find the most successful at job creation and retention, the quality of jobs being produced, and overall economic performance.


Peoria Housing up 7.2% while the nation went down 7.7% - first quarter of 2008 compared to first quarter of 2007.


National Geographic Adventure magazine picked Peoria as one of its 50 next great American adventure towns in which to live and play. To create the list, the magazine searched for 'innovative towns that aren't just prime relocation spots now, but also smart choices for the future.

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